Franchise Opportunity

Factors Western Corporate

Factors Western franchises are available in Canada from coast to coast.

Where we are concentrating on larger population centers, we have also come to realize through discussion with many small business entrepreneurs that there may also be a good opportunity in smaller centers where less capital would be required. As a result, we are willing to consider population areas of 10,000 and up.

Factors Western is a family-owned business, with hands-on management over the course of the past fifteen years plus, has developed a system that works and provides a very satisfactory level of profit.

What you will get as a Factors Western franchisee is the benefit of that unique system and the experience of many successful years in the factoring industry. In addition, we will provide training and direct personal support for your business. It will really be more of a partnership than a franchisor/franchisee relationship. Our franchisee and royalty fees are reasonable and based on area population.

If you wish further information on this unique business opportunity contact Barrie Smith at (403) 250-1779 ext. 206 or email him at