About Us

Factors Western is a well-established, privately-owned company, with headquarters in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The Company has been involved in the business of factoring since early 1985 and is entirely privately funded. FW identifies with business operators who find the financial services offered by Conventional Banking no longer meet their continued expansion requirements. Company philosophy focuses on small to medium transactions where the risk is spread over a broader base of deals, the need is greatest, and competition seems less intense. Business is derived from a wide range of industries, including: auto body, trucking, employment agencies, oilfield services, commercial cleaners, advertising and computer support.

Gaining experience since 1985, we have assisted small business operators from almost every industry. During that time a proven system has been developed, designed to accommodate client requirements, while at the same time limiting capital risk and improving return on investment for the Company, its shareholders, and Investors.

Factors Western management believes, with the changing role of banks, factoring companies have the opportunity to become the preferred alternative to conventional banking for small to medium sized business operations. Increasing referrals to Factoring Companies from banks, lawyers, financial analysts and accountants would seem to support this position.